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[textbar_50percent_1]I'm starting a new online community.[/textbar_50percent_1]

I want this community to be "special".

It's NOT going to be the same online forums you see time and again.

Those are about numbers. This is about you.

This is going to be a tight-knit community where members HELP each other.

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  • A community where you can feel free to ask questions and not be flamed or frowned upon. We're all friends playing the same game right? Hostility won't be tolerated. You can open up and ask anything you like no matter how simple.
  • You can discuss with others what you're learning with the insiders club, ask for help/assistance from other members, offer advice and even make suggestions.
  • You and other members can share your success and failures. What's working for you and others and what's not. Honesty is #1.
  • You can discuss latest products, methods and experience to share and exchange information with others. All topics covered.
  • To "outsiders", the community will be a paid membership. I want to keep it "tight", and  keep out the freebie trolls. As a member of the "insiders club" you'll automatically qualify for free access.
  • I will be making appearances and posting in the community personally and contributing with "extras". However my time is valuable and limited. So it can't be on a full-time basis. But you will see me in there and I'll be monitoring.[/red_tick_list] [/content_box_50Percent]


The goal is for a new friendly community that will become almost self sufficient amongst it's members. A community where everyone can get along an have respect for each other. To help one another reach theirs online goals.

For as long as you're a member of the insiders club, you'll get free access. If you leave you'll have to subscribe separately to the community.


BTW: The community is built on the VERY latest lightweight community software (from the original developers of vBullitin) from the ground up.

As the commuity grows there will also be live chat, audio chat, video chat, desktop/smart phone/iPad/iPhone support, file transfers, etc.[/content_box_yellow_50Percent]

Here's a what it looks like – brand new and ready to go!

It's good enough to eat! :)

[textbar_50percent_2]What you will get in the "Insiders Club"?[/textbar_50percent_2]



  • Researching viable markets – No use wasting time and energy chasing a fruitless market. You'll learn how to research markets that have hungry buyers that are willing to take out their credit card and spend money.
  • Business models – You'll learn, see and use multiple proven mini-business models. These mini business models (action plans) can be used to create your overall business model. Incorporate what works for you.
  • Workable systems – "Real" workable action plans that anyone can follow. Presented in a clear concise format and delivered to you in digestable chunks.
  • Implementation – confused how to implement your business plans, websites, tools or tracking? Don't worry, you'll be exposed to everything!
  • Traffic generation – Learn to work with Google, MSN/Bing/Yahoo, 2nd tier networks, media buying and many cheap traffic alternatives. SEO is covered in detail. The principals and practices that work to get your site ranked in stone and won't get slapped. Social Networks – how to approach and connect with your audience to "monetize" them are also covered in detail.
  • Testing and tracking – If you think your website is great, think again. It's NOT what you think, it's what connects with the visitor. A real person. I will teach you testing and tracking for the best sales conversions.
  • Increasing conversions – Know what to look for, what to change, what to keep. A small change in a headline, font color or slight change in the copy can make a huge difference.
  • Connecting with your market – different markets respond differently. Some respond well to presell's, others prefer review type sites. Finding what works for the market is crucial and how you can make that connection.
  • Email marketing – This is becoming an essential part of online marketing. By building "lists" you're building assets. It also gives you the opportunity to make a better connection with your visitor. By having them on a list you could have customers that are worth hundreds and not only the initial sale value.[/green_plus_list_small][/content_box_blue_50Percent]

[line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]It's a "dispensed" training program:



  • Dispensed learning covering everything mentioned above, delivered to your inbox via email (high quality HTML or Plain Text).
  • PDF summaries delivered after each section.
  • Content will be dispensed dependent on what is required for you to do. You will be notified of the frequency as you're working through.
  • Free access to the community forum as long as you're a member.
  • The "insiders club" is being continually expanded to include new "action plans" and updates. Membership will continue until canceled.



[headline_georgia_medium_centered color="#000000"]The CBM "Insiders Club"[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

$27 Per Month

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Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.



Because I'm including the "community" access for free as part of the insiders club membership, the first screen you will see is a signup form on the community website:

Don't worry, this is how the system works to give you immediate access.

It will look like this:

As soon as you fill in the form you will be directed to the ClickBank checkout to complete your order.

Everything is 100% safe and secure.


[line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]To your success!


Please Note:

This is a dispensed learning system. Content is delivered to your inbox at pre-determined intervals to help you "digest" information in bite sized chunks to prevent information overload.

To help you to take action and keep you focused on the task at hand rather than overwhelming you.

It's NOT only about PPC, it's about implementing mini busness models (action plans) that all add up to form your entire online business.

You'll get to see, learn, and implement these "action plans". Yes – PPC, SEO, Social Networks, etc are covered along the way but this is only a very SMALL part of the overall picture.

Your membership is for the dispensed learning/training program. The forum is there to help you ask questions if you're stuck, or offer advice if you can help. It's a community to help you and to help others and I'm giving it to you for free as part of this dispensed learning program ($19.95/month value).

See you on the inside,
Mark "the Insiders Club" Acutt