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[textbar_75percent_2]Below is one of my SEO sites averaging over 10,000 visitors per month (pay attention to the dates)…[/textbar_75percent_2]

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SEO is doable, just don't expect results overnight and no "magic wand" or "special tool" can't get you these figures from a push of a button.

If you're willing to put in the effort, and go about doing it properly, then SEO can be very rewarding.

But be warned of "quick fix" products that promise to submit your site and articles to thousands of directories and sites.

Google are onto them! Rankings in even the bigger well known article directories have been affected since February 2011:

[content_box_75Percent]The full scoop is here:[/content_box_75Percent]

Did you pay attention to the dates on my Google Analytics report? Notice how the Google algorithm changes during 2010 and at the time of writing haven't had any impact.

So where's all this leading to?

[textbar_75percent_1 background="#444444"]What is CBM "Insiders Club" all about?[/textbar_75percent_1][line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]

I've been online marketing since 2007. I've literally spent thousands on training, software and products.

When it comes to building a business online I've done almost everything.

So what does this mean to you?

Over the years I've created mini "action plans" (The Cash Bootstrap Method V1 was one). The ones that work I keep and include into my overall business model. The ones that don't, get chucked out…

If it doesn't make money – move on.

My time is important, and your time should be important to you. You should calculate how much you want to earn per month, then divide that by 20.

You don't want to work weekends and public holidays do you? You may also want a short break. So 20 working days per month is a fair calculation.

Here's an illustration:

Now divide this figure by the number of hours you would like to work.

The following example is based on an 8 hour work day.

You can manipulate these figures accordingly.

[content_box_yellow_75Percent]The point is; if your productive working time (8 hours per day) value is $5000 per month. Your hourly value is $31.25 .[/content_box_yellow_75Percent]

Every hour you're NOT doing something constructive or building upon your business you're wasting time.

Wasting time = Wasting money.

This is where the insiders club is going to help you.

It will teach you what you should be doing to create multiple income streams to achieve $5000 per month.

Once you've got that nailed, scale it up to meet YOUR goal.

Make sense?

[textbar_75percent_1 background="#444444"]Why the Insiders Club is for you:[/textbar_75percent_1]


1. Creating and developing your business

It's to help you build your business model and create multiple streams of income. This is an important part of any online marketing model. Multiple income streams. There are too many variables at play to create one single source of income. The insiders club is going to show you how to build these.

2. Actionable and understandable

It's broken down into "bite sized" chunks for you to digest and take action. By following what's laid out and given to you you will be able to learn from the basics to the much more advanced business models and systems.

The content is delivered via email. This is called "distributed learning" and is proven to be read, understood and actioned. Better than slapping a 100+ page PDF in front of you.

However, I'm adding my own "twist".

The content will be delivered via HTML email. This means you will be getting high quality content with graphics straight to your inbox.

Can't get HTML email – no worries. There's a text version too.

At the end of each section there's also a PDF of
all the steps covered for you to download and keep.

3. Workable processes

The "insiders club" is going to show you step by step how to create workable processes and systems for your online business. You can action these processes yourself and see how they can integrate into your business. It's not rocket science stuff, and you don't need a degree. Just follow what is taught and you will be moving forward in the right direction.

4. Traffic & customers

As you know, a website or offer is nothing without traffic. Remember, traffic is a visitor – a REAL person. It's NOT just a number. Believe it or not all traffic is equal. Visitors from Google may differ to those from BING. Connecting with your visitors from different traffic sources is crucial!

Two primary key points where people fail is:

1: Getting cheap quality traffic (visitors)
2: Converting visitors into customers

That's the nuts and bolts of it. The difficult part is achieving it. The insiders club is going to show you the different processes you can implement and use to obtain the result.

5. Not only for affiliates

The insiders club isn't only for affiliate marketers. In fact I encourage you to develop your own products. Found a winner? Why not do it yourself and reap all the benefits?

I show you the processes to move from affiliate to vendor (merchant) and how to create your own products in the least amount of time and money.

6. Evergreen

The action plans (processes) won't be here today gone tomorrow. The insiders club is NOT built around the latest software or latest "magic bullet".

If you're a magic bullet chaser or happy with chasing the dream by getting the latest "shiny" object then this isn't for you. There's no hype or false promises here.

The insiders club is for you if you're serious about developing your online business into something actionable, profitable and scalable.


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